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Health Eating During the Holiday Season

Want to enjoy the holidays without feeling guilty? Here are a few suggestions.

1. Avoid Temptations

Holiday goodies in plain sight are hard to resist. Bypass the holiday treats in the break room and keep healthy alternatives within easy reach (fruits, veggies, and lightly salted nuts).

2. Buffet Dos and Don’ts

Before loading up your plate, check out the entire spread first. Choose one or two seasonal specialties and savor them. You eat more calories when you have more things on your plate.

3. Choose Libations Wisely

Alcohol raises your appetite-triggering hormones, leading to return trips to the buffet. Remember calories from alcohol can add up quickly.

4. Indulge for a Night, Not the Season

It is okay to splurge a little at a holiday party but eat sensibly the rest of the week.  Choose a skim-milk latte for your daily brew over the fancy holiday-flavored drinks.

5. Keep Moving

Sticking with an exercise routine during the busy holiday season is tough. If you can’t, then Get on Your Feet – stand up 10 minutes every hour to encourage movement. Short on time? Consider going for three 10-minute walks throughout the day.

6. Focus on the Meaning of the Season

Make more time to relax and enjoy time together, sharing and giving, instead of just indulging in the traditional meals and treats.

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