Our Story

Avenue 360 Health & Wellness provides high quality and caring service to promote healthy people and communities.

We offer a holistic solution for those seeking a medical home. The patient is the center of our model, giving our patients a collaborative choice for their healthcare needs. We care for the whole person, whether it’s a  medical diagnosis and treatment, a pharmacy, preventative care, housing, or access to a community wellness worker. Our whole community approach means that everyone is served, from families needing a primary medical care doctor to those who want to spend their last days in dignity. We represent that “we’re all in this together,” spirit.

Our History

Before Avenue 360 Health & Wellness, Houston Area Community Services, a not-for-profit 501(c) (3) organization, was established in 1998. Joe Fuentes, realized the need for a health organization that would provide essential and specialty health services to patients living with chronic conditions such as HIV/AIDS. Although medical services were available for these individuals, many patients suffered from life issues extending far beyond the scope of traditional medical services. Fuentes saw that patients who found a stable living situation through housing programs were more likely to make their medical visits, take their prescribed medications and attend their behavioral counseling sessions. Quickly, it became apparent that patients who addressed their behavioral health and living environments experienced dramatic improvements in their physical health. They were able to self-manage their health and their lives.

Shortly after launching this model for HIV patients, the organization extended the approach to all eligible residents of Harris County who were faced with the same social factors that contributed to poor health. Today, Avenue 360 is a Federally Qualified Health Center that embodies this same determination and welcoming approach to thousands of Houston area patients.

Another organization, Bering Omega Community Services, began in 1986 thanks to the tremendous efforts of volunteers from Christ Church Cathedral and Bering Memorial United Methodist Church. The Bering Community Service Foundation and Omega House were established to address the staggering challenges posed by a completely new and frightening epidemic. These agencies were created to provide compassionate care to people living with HIV/AIDS virus and to their loved ones.

Houston Area Community Services and Bering Omega joined forces to become Avenue 360.





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