Robert is Back


Roberto is back and Avenue 360 Health and Wellness was there to help.

Great uncertainty surrounds health care as we approach 2018. What is certain is that Avenue 360 will be there to help those who do not have access to health care. With your support, we can help people like Roberto who have fallen through the cracks in the system.

Here’s his story:

Surviving on the streets for two years took a toll on Roberto*. The stress left him struggling with untreated medical issues. When he first came to Avenue 360 Health & Wellness he was a self-described broken man. Having lost touch with his family added to his feelings of isolation.

Roberto was accessed and offered a place in for Avenue 360 Health & Wellness’ I-Care housing program.  With a safe place to sleep he soon he was able to turn his focus to his health. Avenue 360 Health & Wellness doctors got him back on his meds and into regular care.  Roberto’s transformation since then has been astounding.

His health has improved dramatically. He engages avidly with staff and other residents. He has become more physically active, frequently participating in sporting and recreational events. After discussing smoking cessation strategies with an Avenue 360 nurse case manager, Roberto has also given up cigarettes. Best of all, he has finally reconnected with his family.Roberto’s path back to health and happiness was paved by his own inner strength and your support. It took both to bring him back from the brink.

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