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One of our health care heroes during COVID-19

Today we want to take some time to recognize one of our own.

Sayuri Uotani is a nurse practioner at our main campus in The Heights. She has stepped up and provided patients with COVID-19 tests (along with others on staff who will be featured in the coming weeks).

Even for medical professionals like Sayuri who take an oath to serve the community, it’s been a nerve-racking time.

“Even though you know you utilize full PPE, there’s a fear in the back of your mind that you may contract the disease and bring it home to your loved ones,” she said. “However, the goal at the end of the day is that hopefully with testing and data, we can help the nation flatten the curve of the spread and prevent a situation like in New York City from happening here in Houston.”

Here’s a little more about Sayuri –in her own words—about why she chose a career in health care.

“I’m a native Houstonian and proud of it. I grew up in a home where, like so many Americans, I was adapting to life as a first generation American with immigrant parents, and did not have access to healthcare. My childhood experiences directly influence what I do now, which is to provide quality care and education to socioeconomically underserved populations in Houston.

“What I enjoy most about my job is seeing a patient achieve health quality outcomes. I love to educate and praise my patient’s in achieving health success and subsequently life success. Building a relationship of trust and empowerment with my patients is paramount to their success. It’s a joy to witness.

“I’ve been inspired by so many people, including one of my mentors, [Avenue 360’s] Dr. Lisa Holloway. Her kindness, care, and compassion for others is admirable. Her commitment to patient care and to others is inspirational for me, and I hope to always walk in those same footsteps. I can’t mention inspiration without thinking of my mother and father, who sacrificed everything to give my siblings and I food, shelter, love, and guidance.”

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