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Need to talk about substance use? Our virtual group counseling sessions are now open.

Avenue 360 Health and Wellness today unveiled a new virtual initiative to treat patients experiencing issues with substance use disorder. Licensed therapists hold group sessions online for patients 18 years and older twice a week through video technology.

“It goes without saying that this is a time of great need when it comes to taking care of ourselves,” said Diane Arms, Avenue 360’s director of behavioral health. “That’s why we’ve moved expeditiously to develop virtual group sessions for those concerned about drugs or alcohol use. Our goal is to keep people safe at home while treating them as the coronavirus pandemic continues to play out in Houston.”

Mental health issues and substance use disorders will likely worsen because of COVID-19. The Kaiser Family Foundation reminds us that “[e]pidemics have been shown to induce general stress across a population.”

The health center stopped its in-person group therapy sessions last month for social distancing reasons. Individual sessions in clinic continue.

To learn more or make a group counseling appointment, tap this link.

Avenue 360 launched a larger telemedicine initiative last month for primary and behavioral health care, resulting in one quarter of all visits being conducted virtually. Physicians and nurse practitioners provide consultation by telephone and online video for some acute conditions — like allergies, depression, back pain, and COVID-19– and some chronic illnesses, including diabetes, hypertension, and obesity.

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