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Dr. Flash on Houston’s NPR: “It’s not all about coronavirus” when it comes to our health right now

On Wednesday, Dr. Charlene Flash, CEO of Avenue 360 Health and Wellness and infectious disease expert at Baylor College of Medicine, discussed the impact of the coronavirus on the Houston region’s health landscape on Houston Public Media. Excerpts from her discussion with Ernie Manouse on “Houston Matters,” the afternoon edition, follow.

On all other diseases impacting people right now

“I might have people who only want to talk to me about coronavirus. But [we] can’t forget about diabetes and high blood pressure and all these other medical problems that people still need to get attended to–so that once we’re through coronavirus, we don’t have a city full of people who have chronic diseases that are completely out of control.”

On underserved communities in the region

“People of color, people who are impoverished, people [without] insurance, suffer health inequities that at times are indescribable and COVID-19 has only shined a bright light on that. The challenges that were already existing have only been highlighted by this disease.”

On parts of Texas re-opening

Dr. Flash said the re-opening must be done “cautiously.” People now have permission to go out. “But my mother told me once, ‘Not everything you’re able to do, you should do.'”

Listen to the full segment:


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