At Houston Area Community Services, we offer both primary and specialty care services. Regardless of your situation, Avenue 360 Health & Wellness has a place for you.


Family Practice

Specializes in preventative care for any age group 

At Avenue 360 Health & Wellness, we know that every family is different, and regardless of where you are on your healthcare journey, our team will work with you to ensure that your family receives the best care possible and that you remain informed and in charge of your health throughout the entire process. It is our primary goal to provide comprehensive preventative care to everyone in your family. We are board-certified and thoroughly trained to see you through the various stages of your life.

Internal Medicine

Medical care focusing on disease prevention in adults

Our internal medicine department focuses on the prevention and treatment of diseases in adults. Among other conditions, we specialize in the treatment of:

  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Lipid Management
  • STIs (Including testing and prevention)
  • HIV and AIDS

Avenue 360 Health & Wellness Women’s Center & OB/GYN

Avenue 360 Health & Wellness offers many services designed uniquely for women throughout the various stages of their life.

Avenue 360 Health & Wellness is committed to the care and well being of women. Our medical staff and associates have extensive experience treating women in the various phases of their lives—maintaining their health along the way. We specialize in high-risk pregnancies and childbirths and the treatment of many reproductive conditions. We now offer colposcopies for treatment and prevention of cervical cancer under our sliding scale.


We are here to address each and every one of your child’s milestones, maintaining their health from birth through the teen years.


For your convenience, you can fill your prescriptions immediately after your appointment.

The Class A pharmacy at Avenue 360 Health & Wellness is designed to be convenient for our patients, ensuring that during a single visit you receive both the proper care and the medication you require. The pharmacy at Avenue 360 Health & Wellness prepares and dispenses medication(s) as prescribed by the referring physician as well as conducts counseling with patients regarding the proper use of their prescriptions and any adverse effects of the medication(s). It is imperative that patients who leave our facility leave with the necessary information to properly continue their care.

Most private insurances accepted.

No matter what care or services you receive here, you will be treated with respect and kindness. Our facility makes use of the latest technology and is designed with your comfort in mind.


Behavioral Health & Psychiatry

With the help of individual, couples or group therapy, the behavioral health department identifies your challenges and concerns and assists in working through them to achieve a positive outcome.

Our behavioral health services include substance abuse treatment and mental health therapy for adults and adolescents. Our licensed clinicians are trained to provide behavioral health services in individual, group and family settings in order to most appropriately meet the needs of patients dealing with diverse stressors and conditions.

Avenue 360 Health & Wellness behavioral health services are categorized by:

  • Psychiatry
  • Mental Health
  • Substance Abuse Pre-Treatment and Treatment
  • Medical Case Management

The treatment process in the majority of behavioral health cases includes screening a patient, forming an assessment, treatment planning, following through and finally, discharge. All patients have twenty-four hour, on-call access to Avenue 360 Health & Wellness’ clinicians via a professional answering service. This service ensures that patients and the on-call clinician connect in urgent situations.

The Avenue 360 Health & Wellness team includes social workers and service linkage workers who provide case management services to patients receiving medical care with our providers. These individuals assist clients with referrals needed in order to maintain positive health outcomes. The goal of this team is to ensure that patients have access to resources necessary to improve their wellbeing, while providing patients with the skills to achieve a positive outcome.


Housing Programs at Avenue 360 Health & Wellness

HOPWA funded services are used to provide permanent housing placement, tenant based rental assistance, short term rent, mortgage and utility assistance, housing case management, mental health counseling and substance abuse treat to PLWH/A and their family members.

START is a scattered-site Permanent Housing Program for Trans/Gender-Variant people with disabilities. Applicants must be residing on the streets or places not meant for human habitation, in an emergency shelter for the homeless or in a Transitional Living Program for people who were homeless prior entering the TLP. Clients must be US citizens or legal immigrants. Clients are not required to have income to be assisted.

YEAH! (Youth Empowerment Advocates of Houston) is a scattered-site Permanent Supportive Housing Program for homeless young adults between 18 and 24 years old who have a  disability/disabling condition. Individuals, couples and families can be assisted. All adult household members must be age appropriate. Clients must be US citizens or legal immigrants. Applicants must meet the HUD definition of homelessness. Clients are not required to have income to be assisted.

ONE ROOF is a scattered-site Permanent Housing Program for homeless families with at least one adult member with a disability. A family must be composed of at least one adult with one minor child. Applicants must be residing on the streets or places not meant for human habitation, in an emergency shelter for the homeless or in a Transitional Living Program for people who were homeless prior entering the TLP. Clients must be US citizens or legal immigrants. Clients are not required to have income to be assisted.

Avenue 360 Health & Wellness works in cooperation with local shelters to find appropriate housing for qualified individuals and families.

Success Story: “Now we’re in an apartment, a nice apartment at that, we’re not living with a whole bunch of people. We’re able to come home to peace and quiet. We were just happy that when the opportunity came to be able to be accepted into this program, we were around and able to benefit from it.” – Ronnie Martinez

The Martinez family, left, was first introduced to Avenue 360 Health & Wellness two years ago when they applied for housing assistance, after spending months in a Houston-area shelter.

Do you have questions about Avenue 306 Health & Wellness’ Housing Services?

Call our Housing Hotline at: 832-384-1390


Medical Case Management

We involve all necessary departments in your treatment to ensure that you receive complete and proper care.

The Avenue 360 Health & Wellness team includes social workers and service linkage workers who provide case management services to patients receiving medical care from Avenue 360 Health & Wellness. These individuals assist clients with referrals needed in order to maintain their health. The goal of this team is to ensure that patients have access to resources necessary to improve their general well being.

Health Promotions Team

With the help of our outreach team of Community Health Workers, we bring Avenue 360 Health & Wellness directly into the community. The most powerful tool we have is education. By presenting people with practical information and through the following services, we promote healthy living, physically and mentally, and empower people to take control of their wellbeing.

  • Health education and disease prevention
  • HIV testing
  • Hepatitis C testing
  • Counseling
  • PrEP education and referral

HIV Related Care

Avenue 360 Health & Wellness specializes in providing medical care, support and housing assistance to those living with HIV/AIDS. Our clinicians have decades of experience in managing HIV/AIDS, providing excellent care and improving health outcomes.


Dental and Oral Health

Oral hygiene is essential to maintaining overall good health. We offer several services to prevent and improve oral health for all patients at every age.

Services include:

Basic Oral Hygiene

  • General Dentistry (cleaning, fillings, sealants, x-ray, extractions)
  • Oral Medicine/Oral Pathology (treatment of oral warts, lesions, tumors, etc.)
  • Prosthodontics (tooth replacement: crowns, bridges and dentures)
  • Periodontics (treatment of gum disease)
  • Endodontics (root canal therapy)
  • Oral Surgery