Mission Statement

The mission of Avenue 360 is to provide high quality and caring services to promote healthy people and communities.

Community Vision Statement: Our vision is that every individual in our community has access to comprehensive health care services and a high-quality medical center to meet their healthcare needs.

Organization Vision Statement:  Avenue 360 will be recognized as a premier organization with committed leadership and the strength of resources to deliver affordable, state-of-the-art healthcare and supportive services that improve the lives of all people and communities in the Greater Houston region.

Values Statement:  At Avenue 360, we value a healthy community.  Avenue 360 will:

  • Provide outreach to individuals in our community to welcome them to seek health services at Avenue 360.
  • Work with other organizations to remove barriers to healthcare.
  • Gather input from our patients and others in the community to improve health services.
  • Address identified health disparities in our community and develop strategies to reduce them.
  • Seek additional resources to improve the health of individuals in our community.
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