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The Tale of Two Epidemics

By Dr. Charlene Flash

Some of you know I have a birthday coming up on Monday. I’ll only say this: I now begrudgingly have to wear reading glasses.

But this year – especially this year – I ask that in lieu of gifts or flowers, you consider a donation to Avenue 360 Health and Wellness, where I am President and CEO. We focus on providing quality, compassionate health care and social services to underserved communities.

My heart breaks as COVID has taken more American lives in two years (740,000) than HIV has in four decades (700,000). Fortunately, COVID infection is – fingers crossed – receding, while HIV infections remain stagnant in many parts of the country.

Our HIV practice prioritizes those left behind, including Black and Brown communities. As a physician myself who specializes in HIV medicine, these issues are near and dear to my heart. But so is the other work we do for uninsured moms and babies in communities of color. Our pediatric, women’s health, and primary care practices have grown substantially over the past two years, but the demand among these populations has gone through the roof. COVID has delayed care, too, for many with chronic conditions like diabetes and hypertension.

Please consider supporting the vital work we do in Texas, that didn’t expand Medicaid, making health care all the more expensive for those in need. We are operating in the state that has the highest uninsured rate in the nation.

As we continue to battle COVID, let’s also remember those struggling with other chronic medical conditions. Support from you helps us provide outstanding health care in Houston to those in need. You can make a tax-deductible gift by visiting our donate page here.

My warmest wishes to each of you, I pray you are safe, happy and healthy.

Dr. Charlene Flash


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