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The Woman’s Perspective: Angela

Healthy Women Houston Profile on an Avenue 360 patient on a most recent Healthy Women Houston Newsletter. You may read about Angela below:

The Woman’s Perspective: Angela

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Angela is a 30-year old, single mom who was pregnant with her fourth child. When she asked her caseworker at the Salvation Army for resources to support her pregnancy, she was referred to Healthy Women Houston. Meleekah, with The Council On Recovery served as her community care coordinator, providing Angela with personalized health and social support recommendations.

Angela says Meleekah “wanted the best for my pregnancy. That’s what really sealed the deal with me staying in the program. She was very supportive and easy to talk to.” Angela received her prenatal care at Avenue 360 Health & Wellness. Today, Angela and her five-month-old baby girl both continue to receive their medical care at Avenue 360.

“I think women should get into this program because it’s developing new things every day. And to be someone who is a part of it is an awesome feeling. Especially when your child gets to be in the program since before birth.”

Avenue 360 continues to enroll women in our Healthy Women Houston initiative, offering both health and social support services. Are you pregnant, think you may be or are unsure? Give us a call at 832-962-4111 to schedule your appointment. Your life, health, and well-being matter!


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