RFP: Completion of the Building at 2920 Fannin Street, Houston, Texas 77002

Project:            2920 Health & Wellness Clinic

Location:         2920 Fannin Street, Houston, Texas

Owner:            Houston Area Community Services, Inc. D/B/A Avenue 360 Health & Wellness

Architect:        Fox Architecture, Austin, Texas

Owner’s Representative:        Engineered Construction Specialists, Inc.

Description:     2920 Health & Wellness Clinic a partially completed two-story medical, dental, adult day care, and hospice building. Owner is seeking proposals to complete the project. Completion is required within 90 days of mobilization with concentration on completion of the first floor to allow Owner to begin dental/medical equipment installation. Data/telephone will be provided by Owner. Contractor must cooperate with Licensing agencies to be coordinated by Architect.

Bids Due:         Friday, September 25, 2020 by 4:00 PM

Submit to: and Mary Jo Poindexter, P.E.

Time of Completion:     90 days after Mobilization

Mobilization:                 5 days after Notice to Proceed from Owner

Form of Agreement:

  • Lump Sum General Conditions
  • Lump Sum Fixed Fee
  • Direct costs of project completion will be cost reimbursable without a markup
  • A Proposed Form of Agreement will be provided by Friday, September 18, 2020

Proposal Inclusions:

  • Project Completion Proposal on Contractor’s Letterhead, Signed by an Authorized Officer
  • Completion Plan: Schedule with substantial completion of the first floor facilities as quickly as possible, followed by second floor.
  • Contractor’s Qualification Statement
  • Comments, if any, regarding the proposed Form of Agreement

Cost Breakdown:        A detailed breakdown of all remaining work will be required within two days after notification that Avenue 360 is considering Bidder’s Proposal.

Attachments via Link

Project drawings
Last Pay Application by Original Contractor
List of Current Subcontractors

Questions and Access to the Site:         

Contact: Mary Jo Poindexter, P.E.



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