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What we’re doing to protect our patients during coronavirus

Avenue 360 Health and Wellness provides quality health care with compassion. For all. Our model of care revolves around the patient needs inside and outside of the exam room. Our patients’ health and safety is our number one priority.

Here are some of the many safety measures we’ve taken – and continue to take –to keep our patients and staff safe during the coronavirus outbreak.

  • Temperature Checks

Outside our clinics, an Avenue 360 provider asks several screening questions and takes the temperature of people entering the building, including patients and staff. If an individual has a fever, the person is asked to return to their car and wait for our medical team there.

  • Masks

In accordance with guidance from the CDC and Texas officials, we strongly urge patients to wear a face covering. For those who need a mask, we can provide one. All clinical staff are required to wear a mask.

  • Physical Distance

We have removed chairs from our waiting rooms to ensure there is at least six feet of distance between patients. There are multiple hand sanitizing stations throughout waiting and exam rooms.

  • Visitors

We are asking patients to come to their appointment alone, limiting the number of visitors in the waiting room. For those who need assistance, one visitor can accompany the patient.

  • Separating COVID patients

Any patient experiencing COVID-19 symptoms is to call ahead (713-426-0027) and notify our medical team. Upon arrival, the patient is to remain in their car and call our triage desk. Our COVID team will come out to your car in full Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). We are providing COVID testing at two of our locations: The Heights and South-Central Houston (on Griggs Street). Please call (713) 426-0027 to make a testing appointment.

  • Virtual Visit

Avenue 360 launched telemedicine in March. Our medical team of doctors and nurses can see patients virtually by phone or computer from the comfort of their home. To make an appointment, please go here.

  • Fact-Based Information

We provide credible information on the virus and are here to answer your questions at (713) 426-0027.

The information contained in this Avenue 360 Web site is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment, and Avenue 360 recommends consultation with your Avenue 360 doctor or health care professional.